About us

About Us

Precision ADM Medical Inc. (PADM Medical) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Precision ADM Inc., an organization that has its roots in the orthopaedic medical device industry and provides contract Advanced Digital Manufacturing® services such as metal additive manufacturing for the medical, aerospace and energy markets.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide in March 2020, Precision ADM made the decision to meet the virus head on by using existing expertise and medical certifications to pivot to become a medical Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

In 2019, the world was confronted with its largest challenge in over 100 years; The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the early days of the pandemic,  there was a critical shortage for nasal testing devices.

PADM Medical used their additive manufacturing and engineering expertise to create CANSWAB™, a 3D-printed Nasopharyngeal (NP) test swab. Within the first year of production, millions of CANSWABs were manufactured and distributed to Canadians, and CANSWAB quickly became the highest-output 3D-printed medical device in the world. You can read the full success story of CANSWAB on the FormLabs website.

At the same time as one team of engineers at PADM Medical was designing and testing CANSWAB, another team was focused on another vital need for healthcare providers: A reusable elastomeric N95-level medical respirator with disposable filters and no exhalation valve.

Precision AIR™ is a 95PFE patent-pending respirator that is manufactured in Canada to help doctors, nurses, dentists, personal care providers and other healthcare facilities. Other respirators protect the wearer, but not patients by means of a exhalation valve. Precision AIR is sets the gold standard of safety for both providers and patients, and with optional reuse and inventory tracking, is the most advanced smart mask in the world.

International supply lines during the pandemic became less trustworthy and unreliable. PADM Medical invested in facilities and equipment to domestically manufacture high-quality disposable VIRALOC™ single-use procedural masks.

Similarly, there was a need for domestically manufactured hand sanitizer. PADM Medical has partnered with a Canadian chemical company to produce 73% 2-propanol sanitizer sold in a variety of self-serve sizes and bags for automated dispensers.

PADM Medical has submitted a proposal to become the first domestic secure supply chain for disposable nitrile glove manufacturing.

The CANGLOVE™ Consortium, which consists of partnerships with Canadian healthcare leaders and Indigenous groups in Manitoba and Ontario are seeking Federal partnership to create large volume stable supply and long term pricing in Canada.