In Safe Hands

Supplying Quality Products,
Delivering Canadian Value

Federal and provincial governments need a reliable and Canadian supply of nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are made from a resilient, natural and hypoallergenic rubber, and are critical for keeping Canadian healthcare workers safe.

Leveraging our Manitoba-born expertise in advanced medical manufacturing, PADM Medical is in a position to produce high-quality nitrile gloves for competitive prices. We are a trusted partner in creating Canadian jobs, growing our economy and making our country resilient to international supply chain disruption.

PADM Medical is innovating for life. Canada is in safe hands with CANGLOVE™.

Creating Canadian Jobs

More than ever, governments must procure critical supplies from companies like PADM Medical who create good-paying Canadian jobs. PADM Medical aims to build additional state of the art facilities to manufacture CANGLOVE™ nitrile gloves in Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba. This will create hundreds of sustainable jobs and support local economies. Together, we have an opportunity rebuild manufacturing as a pillar of the Canadian economy.

Driving Canadian Growth

COVID-19 triggered a transformative economic shift. Canadian-owned businesses like PADM Medical are at the forefront of this great economic transformation. Founded in 2020, PADM Medical moved quickly to provide advanced medical supplies to Canadians. Our CANGLOVE Consortium involved partnerships with Canadian medical leaders and First Nations communities in Ontario and Manitoba. By deepening our partnership with the Government of Canada, the provinces, First Nations, Inuit and Métis partners, and the private sector will drive Canadian growth.

Establishing Canadian Resiliency

The weakness of our domestic PPE supply in spring 2020 put Canadian lives at risk. Canada must become self-sufficient and resilient to international supply chain disruption. PADM Medical is devoted to building and maintaining a secure North American supply chain for PPE. We have the technical and financial expertise to commercialize innovative products like the CANGLOVE™ so that no matter what the future brings, we are in safe hands.

For more information on CANGLOVE™ or PADM Medical's other collaborations with Canadian federal and provincial governments, please fill out the contact form below.